Trying out Marko

If you just want to play around with Marko in the browser, head on over to our Try Online feature. You'll be able to develop a Marko application right in your browser.

If you're starting from scratch, you can use Marko's CLI commands to quickly create a starter app:

npx @marko/create

This will use an interactive CLI to automatically create a project for you using the pre-made starter template of your choosing. The basic template is the most minimal and the easiest way to get started. It uses our batteries-included @marko/build and @marko/serve tools that handle building, bundling, and serving your web application. These projects are config-free with built-in file based routing and automatic code reloading.

Custom Bundling

Marko relies on JavaScript bundlers to package your code on both the client and the server. This is because Marko's client and server bundling works closely together to optimize the smallest client bundles and handle shared assets properly.

Using the CLI is still the easiest way to get started even when you want to get your hands dirty tweaking every last part of your config files. Marko currently supports Webpack, Lasso, and Rollup.


Webpack Integration Docs

Marko Webpack Plugin

Webpack Example

CLI Command: npx @marko/create --template webpack-express


Lasso Integration Docs

Marko Lasso Plugin

Lasso Example

CLI Command: npx @marko/create --template lasso-express


Rollup Integration Docs

Marko Rollup Plugin

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